Hey there, I'm Anthony.

I'm currently enjoying my time in Toronto as a Level Designer at Ubisoft Toronto. My primary experience deals in scripting encounters, building layouts, and open world mission design in first- and third-person action games.

I love to give feedback on portfolios and resumes, but prefer to do this only for folks focused in Level or Game Design. Head to my Contact page if you want to request feedback -- don't be shy!

In my spare time, I enjoy other creative avenues: graphic design, programming, game design, and 3D modelling. 

If you're interested in knowing what I think is a fantastic game -- well, I'd have to pause for a think -- I'd probably end up with United Game Artists' Rez. If you want to know why, we'll have to grab coffee (alternative beverage recommendations encouraged, depending on time of day) to discuss it in person.

 I'm the one on the far left, wearing the hat.

I'm the one on the far left, wearing the hat.